The BBQ Bride: Say “I Do” To A BBQ Wedding For These 3 Reasons

Weddings are both exciting and expensive, which can create a mountain of anxiety for any bride-to-be. If you are currently planning your wedding, you are likely trying to find ways to cut corners on wedding costs. In the U.S., the average wedding runs approximately $26,444, and one of the most expensive aspects of the wedding is the venue, catering, and rental items. Fortunately, hosting a BBQ wedding offers plenty of benefits, including a reduced wedding budget.

You Can Save On Food Costs

In 2013, catering costs were at an average of $66 per person. Whether you choose to grill your own BBQ or you hire a caterer, you can save quite a bit of money. Typically, meals containing basic barbecued meats such as pulled pork, chicken wings, and ribs combined with side orders can run between $5 and $10 per meal.

If you would rather serve premium meats such as a full rack of ribs, expect to pay between $15 and $20 per meal. However, that is between $56 and $46 less than the average price brides pay. Although self-catering is an option, if you are hosting a wedding with more than just a handful of guests, it is highly recommended that you hire a professional catering company to assist you.

You Can Stress Less and Enjoy Yourself More

In truth, the ceremonial part of your wedding will be over before you know it. A wedding ceremony can range from approximately 10 minutes for a short civil ceremony to an hour for formal orthodox ceremonies. Receptions, on the other hand, can last for a few hours or more.

Skip the formalities involved with expensive 5-course dinners and spend more time enjoying yourself and time with your guests by simplifying your menu. Barbecued foods are simple, yet delicious, which means you will have more time to focus on other enjoyable aspects of your wedding.

You Can Make It Look Fancy

Believe it or not, you can grill more than just meat. In fact, you can make your meals look fancy without spending too much money or time doing so. For example, you can grill peaches soaked in either a maple or bourbon sauce. Top them with ice cream and you have a fancy looking yet relatively inexpensive dessert.

You can also grill vegetables for delectable, fancy looking, yet cost-friendly kabobs. For example, you can offer your guests a grilled chicken, lemon, and vegetable kabob. From grilled meats to grilled veggies and fruits, you can spruce up your menu to look far fancier than it really is.

*Side-Note: Barbecued Meal Ideas

You may cringe when you hear the word "barbecue" in relation to your big day. What bride wants to ruin her beautiful white dress with an unsightly barbecue stain? Yet barbecued foods do not have to involve all the mess. By grilling your foods, you can reduce the amount of grease, therefore providing a cleaner meal.

Some foods that you may want to consider for your wedding menu include:

  • Grilled asparagus: Grilled asparagus is a less messy food option for a wedding menu. You can even spruce up this vegetable by wrapping it in bacon before it hits the grill.
  • Grilled chicken: Grilled chicken is yet another cost-friendly and less messy option, especially if you skip the barbecue sauce and opt for delicious seasonings such as garlic and thyme instead.
  • Grilled Pork: When cooked right, grilled pork tenderloin offers a moist deliciousness that you and your guests will love.

If you opt to use barbecue sauces on your food, such as chicken slathered in barbecue sauce or a smoky pulled pork dish, fear not. There are plenty of ways you can avoid creating a mess on your beautiful dress. Eat slowly and carefully for starters. Also, do not be afraid to use your napkin as a cover for your dress while eating. Your guests will understand that you are trying to avoid unsightly stains.

Most importantly, just remember to enjoy your big day and have fun. For best results, hire a caterer to help you out. A caterer can help you create a menu that is within your budget. They can also suggest barbecued foods that appeal to both you and your guests. For more information on BBQ catering services, you can go to websites of catering companies.