Four Reasons To Replace The Office Coffee Pot With A Water Cooler

The coffee pot has become a staple in many American offices. Many employees love it, but as more and more people seek improved health and try to keep healthier habits, it might be time to replace the office coffee pot with a water cooler. Here are four reasons to consider replacing your coffee pot with a water cooler this year.

1. A water delivery service will keep the cooler filled.

Maintaining a coffee pot can become a burden. Nobody wants to claim the responsibility, so the coffee pot may end up getting grimy and gross as the weeks pass. It's definitely not healthy to drink coffee from a moldy coffee pot. When you opt for a water cooler instead, you can have a water delivery service come fill and clean it on a regular basis. They can even supply disposable cups. Or, you can encourage your workers to use reusable water bottles to cut down on waste.

2. Water gives employees new options.

Just because you have a water cooler does not mean your employees can only drink plain water. There are water coolers with heating elements, and these appliances deliver hot water instantly. You can use the hot water to make tea or instant coffee. The cold water tap can be used to make lemonade or sugar-free flavored beverages.

3. Water will help employees avoid caffeine addiction.

Caffeine may get your employees all revved up in the short-term, but when they stop drinking caffeinated coffee, they may crash. And crashing employees are not great workers! When you provide water instead, you're helping employees break their caffeine addiction if they so choose. Employees who are no longer reliant on caffeine may have longer-lasting productivity and more stable moods, too.

4. Water is cheaper than coffee.

The cost of supplying coffee for an office can really add up, especially once you account for items like creamer and sugar. Water is cheaper than coffee, so you'll save a few dollars a month by switching. You can put the money you save towards better programs for your employees, such as a fitness program or employee of the month prizes. 

Some employers assume that their employees will be upset if they remove the coffee pot and replace it with a water cooler. However, you may be pleasantly surprised that your employees share your dedication to getting healthier and steering away from the coffee. For more advice, contact a company like Dean's  Waterservice Inc.