5 Reasons Your Restaurant Needs A Beer Garden In 2020

Outdoor beer gardens are the perfect addition to any restaurant. Why is this the time to install one of your own? Here are a few of the most important — and profitable — reasons. 

1. They Are Recommended

Many states and counties offering guidance for restaurants to reopen amid the COVID-19 pandemic suggest prioritizing outdoor dining because it is considered safer than indoors. A beer garden is the perfect solution to provide a safe space to hang out. And if you can dispense the beer outside too, customers won't have to venture inside at all if they don't want to.  

2. They Increase Square Footage

If you want to get back to pre-pandemic levels of customers, adding useful square footage is necessary to add more people. By placing a beer system outside, you can service bar customers in more than one location. You also encourage bar-only customers to move outdoors so you can use indoor tables for diners. 

3. They Are Easy to Add

A beer garden can be a simple and easy addition for many businesses. At its most basic, all you need is a dedicated space, some tables, and a way to serve fresh craft beer to diners. Depending on the size of your operation, you could even opt for a mobile beer delivery system that can be placed where it's needed. 

4. They Serve as Waiting Areas

If you must limit guests inside your dining areas and have to avoid allowing crowds to form while people wait, a beer garden is a good solution. Guests can wait in their own parties to be called, and they can order a beer while they wait. Everyone is socially distanced and kept happy. And you've added an additional point of sale. 

5. They Are Flexible Spaces

Because it's a large outdoor area, a beer garden can easily be converted into a multi-use space. You could use it — perhaps in the future — to host live music, to provide a private reservation space, or to host specialty groups without interfering with indoor business. For the maximum flexibility, look for tables that can easily be moved and a beer delivery system that is mobile. 

Can you add a beer garden to your dining business? If so, you have a chance to improve business, help customers enjoy their experience more, and plan for the future. Learn more about beer gardens and their needs by consulting with a beer system provider in your area today.