4 Ways To Enhance Restaurant Menus With An Industrial Sausage Linker

As you plan out your restaurant menu, you want to offer unique specials and items people will seek out at your restaurant. Special cooking equipment helps with the process, including a tool known as an industrial sausage linker. With the linker, you can expand your menu to include a lot of specialty items as you craft your own sausage creations.

Consider four ways to enhance your menu with the sausage linker and offer a variety of meal options for guests.

1. Breakfast Items

Sausage is a common item found on breakfast menus, and you can enhance your meal offerings with homemade sausage. Include sausage links as a side option for breakfast meals or use the meat to create unique breakfast creations. For example, you can create large stuffed sausage links, slice them in half, and use the pieces as part of a breakfast sandwich.

Sausage options are also ideal for omelets and quiche, as the pieces are cut down and mixed in after the full link is cooked.

2. Mini-Sausages

When you use a sausage twist linker machine for your restaurant, you have the option to create mini-sausages. The smaller options are ideal for a kid's menu. Instead of hot dogs, you can offer mini-sausages with a mild taste so the sausage is not too spicy for the child. You could also consider stuffing the sausage with some cheese to add extra flavors for children.

3. Holiday-Themed Sausage

As the holiday season approaches, you can use a sausage linker to create special holiday theme sausages. For example, in October, you can fuse pumpkin flavors into a sausage for a special entree option. In November, consider creating a turkey sausage to represent Thanksgiving.

Around Christmas, you can create unique flavor blends including cinnamon. When you create the custom sausage options, you will have a menu item customers look forward to on an annual basis.

4. Italian Menu Items

Custom sausage blends are an ideal way to enhance Italian cuisine featured on your menu. You can use the links to create a sausage pasta dish served with pasta like spaghetti, shells, or noodles. The sausage also works well on pizza, giving you multiple topping options. For example, you could create a hot sausage and offer a spicy sausage pizza.

The same sausage links could also be used in other menu options like calzones and sandwiches. Play around with the options to see what works with your menu and customer base.

The more you use the sausage linker, the more you will perfect the use of sausage on your menu. If you would like to add sausage to your menu, look into industrial sausage linkers from a company like Mainca USA Inc.